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Andreas Ott

We are pleased to welcome you on the webpages of the fertility-center Ludwigsburg. Our clinic is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and fertility disorders.

We are a welcoming and friendly fertility-clinic with a highly experienced team dedicated to achieving the best results for our patients. This is reflected in our success rates in a broad group of different patients.

Our team includes leading reproductive and fertility consultants and nurses, along with geneticists, counsellors and a friendly enquiries department.

With many years of experience, we understand the challenges faced by people with fertility problems and can offer you advice, support and counselling from the time you contact us.  We welcome everyone who feels they need the help and advice of our specialists.

We would like to invite you to familiarise yourself with the following pages about the procedure and the range of fertility treatments and to learn more about our clinic on a virtual tour.

Yours sincerely
Dr. med. Andreas Ott


Consultation and infertility therapy

Artificial insemination, fertility treatments (VF/ICSI), cryopreservation, blastocyst transfer, seminal plasma, hormone testing, treatment with donor sperm, preimplantation genetic diagnosis


Building a fertility preservation

Cryopreservation of oocytes and semen, e.g. as fertility preservation ("social freezing") or before chemotherapy, including vitrification


consultation for special endocrine disorders and infertility

E.g. ovulatory disorders caused by PCO syndrome or disorders of the pituary gland.


Diagnosis and treatments of male fertility disorders

Semen analyses and function tests, TESE (possible on site), advanced diagnosis of male infertility, hormone testing


Certified center for preimplantation genetic diagnosis

by blastomere- and trophectoderm biopsy (TE biopsy), polar body analysis (PKD), in cooperation


Donor bank

Couples undergoing treatment in our practice can obtain donor sperm from us.

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We are looking forward to introducing the Kinderwunschzentrum Ludwigsburg to you on the open evenings and to answer your questions concerning fertility.

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